Radiology Technician Career and Salary Overview

Radiology technicians are hot on the health care job market. Many employers are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, young, new health care professionals who are light on their feet and are good with people. Radiology technician jobs are one of the many health care jobs that are enjoying the spotlight thanks to newer and better technologies. There’s no doubt that technology advances with each generation and for someone who gets to work in the medical field, the radiology technician will always find himself swamped by job opportunities everywhere.

Radiology technicians work with x-ray machines to find the cause of ailments, diseases, or illnesses that doctors are unable to find during physical assessment. They provide physicians with x-ray films that bear the result of the client’s condition. Radiology technicians typically begin their day by making sure that the area is clean, the machine is working well and the list for patient schedules is complete. They have the task of preparing the patient for examination by explaining the procedure, removing all metal objects from the body and properly positioning the patient. Since the job does involve a fair amount of risk due to the radiation emitted by the x-ray machine, radiology technicians are required to put on lead suits. The lead ensures their safety by not allowing the radiation to pass through delicate and sensitive areas found in the body. Failure to comply will result in abortion or even cancer. For many radiology technicians, the risk is fairly simple to overcome, but it is not recommended for pregnant women to consider entering the job as the radiation might cause a mutation in the unborn child. Another way for radiology technicians to protect themselves is by limiting the size of the x-ray beam.

Once the procedure is over, they can remove their protective lead shields and interpret the x-ray films. Ethically speaking, radiographers are strictly forbidden to discuss sensitive results with the patients. Even if the results are normal, there are some cases where only the trained eye of the physician is able to find the specific cause of the patient’s condition. If the results show that there is something life-threateningly wrong with the patient, the radiology technician is bound by law to report it immediately to the physician.

The salary of a radiology technician depends on a lot of factors, as if like choosing what cooking class you are about to take up to. These include education, experience and the type of employer the technician works for. Entry level technicians definitely have a lower salary than more experienced technicians, but they can earn up to $42,000 per year. Experienced radiology technicians can earn up to $82,000 per year. The median salary is around $53,000 per year. Of course, there are some employers who would rather hire experience radiology technicians, but there are a lot of entry level jobs available on the market too. Though the pay might not be as high as you would have hope, the employer readily compensates for this by reimbursing you for the schools fees you’ve paid. Also, be on the lookout for schools that tie themselves with hospitals for a ready job security.

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