Possible Career in Sonography?

Today, there is an increase demand for healthcare workers and other profession
added to the healthcare worlds are the sonographers. Hospitals or clinics need not only doctors
or nurses but also sonographers that will help in giving healthcare services to the people. What
is sonography? Sonography is a medical procedure that makes use of sound waves to create
lively or dynamic images of the organs, tissues and parts that are needed to be examined. These
waves are conveyed to areas that needs examination. This procedure is called sonogram.

Sonography is used to examine areas like the abdomen, heart, breasts, blood vessels and a lot
more. This is also used on identifying the age and the position of the fetus and can also help in
examining if the fetus has deformities. In the abdomen, it can help in determining if the organs
have stones like the gallbladder or liver. Sonography is very helpful in detecting cardiovascular
disorders. It also acts as a guide in procedures like needle biopsy where a sample of an
abnormal cell is removed for further examination and testing. This procedure is non-invasive
and professionals performing this procedure are called sonographers. What is being done
during sonography? The sonographer puts a gel to the skin of the patient specifically on the
area that is needed to be examined. The gel helps in the conduction of the frequency waves
from the transducer, a device placed near the skin, to the organ needed to be studied. An image
is then created and appears on the monitor. The physician will then interpret it for further

Sonographers are part of the healthcare team and works with the physicians.
Sonographers can work in hospital institutions, private clinics and laboratories. They work for 40
hours a week. But before becoming a professional sonographer there are some requirements
needed to be accomplished. First, one must have a high school diploma. In high school we are
taught about anatomy, biology and other science related subjects. Having a background about
science is needed for this profession. Then, a sonography education is needed. A lot of
sonography school offers program regarding this kind of profession. There are associate degrees
that can be completed after two years and a baccalaureate degree completed for four years. No
state licensure exams are needed but it is always important to have a certification. Certifications
are very helpful in getting good job opportunities and also prove that a person is equipped with
the skills and knowledge required in becoming a sonographer. One also needs to be dedicate,
confident and will have a good judgment and communication skills.

Sonography salary is very competitive since different salaries are given
depending on the experience, education and the type of institution where one works. A trained
and expert sonographer may have a salary of up to $60,000 a year. They are usually payed
hourly and during overtime they are given additional pay. Certified professionals are also payed
more. Those who are working in large institutions like hospitals are payed more compared to
those who are working in clinics.

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