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The certified nursing assistant helps the patients in doing their activities of daily living. They help the patients in doing most of their routine tasks. Task that includes feeding, bathing, dressing up, washing, brushing teeth and getting the patient in and out of bed are just one of the task that certified nursing assistant usually do. They also assist the patients in going to the bathroom, help them out in doing daily physical exercises and accompanying them to examination rooms. The certified nursing assistant also helps nurses in monitoring vital signs. Under the supervision o a nurse or a physician, the certified nursing assistant’s duties include by answering call lights or intercoms to determine the needs of the patient. The certified nursing assistant also keeps the patient clean by bathing them and dressing them. They also serve the meals to the patient and collect their food tray after eating.

To become a certified nursing assistant, states require them to undergo trainings and CNA education. The classes in different CNA schools differ, depending on what school is the person enrolled in. Requirements for these CNA schools vary on the institution. Some may require previous experiences and a high school diploma but some schools do not. Some facilities also offer trainings for certified nursing assistant and these trainings are done in the school and lasts for two weeks. . Some are even taught on how to deal with patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia and how to deal with infection control. Certified nursing assistant schools offer both theoretical or textbook learning and hands on trainings.

After the trainings, test is given to find out the person’s proficiency. The test are divided into two parts which is clinical and written. Written test is about the different topics covered during the classes. The other part which is clinical is done by performing clinical procedures in front of the administrators. They will ask a person to perform procedures like turning, bed baths and etc. They will determine whether you are explaining the procedures properly, doing the procedures correctly, doing proper hand washing and providing privacy. After passing the exam, a certification is given and it is now the start of a person’s CNA career. Some CNA career programs does also take an NCLEX-PN exam to attain a license.

Certified nursing assistants work in different kinds of medical facility. The job of the CNA also requires long hours of standing and doing heavy lifting. They also deal with unpleasant sights, smells and sounds which is already expected with this kind of job. That is why it is important for them to wear protective gears like masks to prevent them from acquiring diseases.

The certified nursing assistants receive the lowest salary in the medical field but the experience gained will give them the opportunity to get those numbers high. The certified nursing assistant’s salary depends on the location of the work, the kind of facility whether it is public or private and even the working shifts. The annual salary of CNA’s may reach $37,000.

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